Celtics Advance to the Semi Finals

Celtics Advance to the Semi Finals

Ariel Phipps, Sports Editor

The Boston Celtics are officially the first NBA team of 2019 to sweep a team in the first round and start preparing for the #1 seed Milwaukee Bucks . The #4 seed Boston Celtics and #5 Indiana Pacers – playing without star shooting guard Victor Oladipo – battled the whole series having finish every game less than 10 point. “ I am a huge Paul George fan, if he were to come back to the Pacers he could help them advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. He is wasting his time next to Russell Westbrook in OKC.”

Every game in the series was determined by 12 points or less. This shows how competitive and good the series was. Both teams had grit and showed it the regular season but it was time to show that in the playoffs where it counted the most. Game 1 finished 84-74. This boosted confidence for the Celtics and finished the next game 99-91. Then the last two games ended 104-96 and 110-106.

During the series there was no obvious leader for the Pacers. There was not a players or guy that they can rely for each game to score 20 points and carry the team. In Game 1 the highest scoring player was Cory Johnson with 14 points. In Game 2 it was Bojan Bogdanovic ( former Wizard ) with 23 points. In Game 3 it was Tyreke Evans with 19 points. Then finally in Game 4 Bojan Bogdanovic again but with 22 points. This was a problem they had because of the absence of Victor Oladipo due to his ruptured quad tension in his right knee on January 23rd 2019 against Raptors. Victor Oladipo, their franchise player, had a great affect during the season averaging 18.8 points,5.2 assist, and 5 rebounds. Although when it came to playoffs it took a big portion of talent from the Pacers.

Kyrie Irving contributed a lot in all of the wins. The 2011 rookie of the year averaged 22.5 points, 7.75 assist and had a spectacular 37 point performance in Game 2 and contributed heavy in the series. He is the leader with more more experience then his teammates. He is a 1 time NBA Finals champion that has played in 3 final series next to Lebron and has been a All Star his whole career. “Everything special about Kyrie … and he brings a consistent scorer and leader to the Boston Celtics.” said Ramy Beatriz , a junior at E.L Haynes.

Although they swept this Pacers team they need to start figuring out how they are going to deal with the #1 seed Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks and Pacers are very different teams and their offense is tremendously clever with all the talent they have. They would need to adjust their defense to keep Giannis from having 40 point games and putting pressure on the rest of the team. The Bucks have revolved their game around Giannis Antetokounmpo. He was a All-Star Captain for the 2019 All-Star game and is leading runner for the Kia Most Valuable Player award next to James Harden. It’s going to be a tough series for the Celtics to control Giannis after he averaged 28 points, 6 assist, and 13 rebounds in the regular season.