D.C. United fans have high expectations for the playoffs

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D.C. United fans have high expectations for the playoffs

Brayan Ramos and Oliver Tzul

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With D.C. United’s record of 5-2-3 this season, there’s one big question on fans’ minds: will they keep winning to make it to the playoffs in October and possibly win the MLS Cup? There are lots of new players arriving and making their debut, making the team stronger with fresh legs and filled with potential.

The team has a new young talent, Griffin Yow, who made his professional debut against New York City FC on April 21 at the age of 16, becoming the twelfth player in eight and a half years to go to the MLS operation from the D.C. United Youth Academy. When Yow was invited by D.C. United to train in Florida, coaches kept an eye on him as they saw his talent. 

Management planned to offer him a contract so they wouldn’t lose him to other teams overseas, and so he could be ready to be with the A-team. As this happened Griffin played with Loudoun United, D.C.’s new second-division making his professional debut with them on March 9 2 and then two weeks later he got his first professional contract offer to play for D.C. United.  

Alamin Muzemil, a freshman, said, “Griffin has energy and pace and brings energy off the bench when players are drained.”

He added, “Even if Griffin is good, I personally think another MLS team would win the MLS final because D.C. United needs more players who score consistently and have a good play style which can change the course of the game and their play style to surprise teams.”

If D.C. United keeps up the momentum there going to go to the playoffs with good competition such as LA Galaxy, a well known team that gives them a hard time with a past record of mostly draws.

“If D.C. United keep the momentum and have Yow perform, Rooney, and Luciano Acosta perform their best when needed, then they have a chance of making playoffs and possibly winning the whole league and cup,” said Anthony Aviles, a junior at Haynes.

Aviles also added, “ Rooney had said Luciano Acosta is one of the best players he has played with, so they are the duo of United and have lots of skill and power to be deadly.”

Wayne Rooney has had a big impact in United and change as well. Last season United were on the verge of not making the playoffs as they were almost at the bottom in twelfth place and their hopes of making playoffs were fading away.

But with the arrival of European legend Rooney in 2018, the situation changed and United’s hopes of making playoffs improved. It became more clear for them as they were able to make playoffs and ended the season in fourth place in their league, but unfortunately were knocked out in the first round of playoffs.  

Junior Tyrone Jordan said, “The season is going better than ever cause they got Rooney. He is literally carrying the team, that’s what I think.”

He added, “People might disagree with me but Rooney has been a huge impact in the team since his transfer to D.C. United.”

So with Rooney’s addition to the club the fans expect the legend to perform his best, and he will have lots of pressure on him to prove that he still has it.