Portland Trailblazers beat OKC in 5 games to advance to second round of playoffs

Alamin Muzemil, Sports Writer

On April 3rd the Portland Trailblazers beat the Oklahoma City Thuder to advance to the second round of the playoffs. They would win with the score being 115 to 118. This time last year the Trailblazers had gotten eliminated in 4 games by the Pelicans. This time around they were not gonna be beaten that easily. Damian Lillard chipped in 50 points and the buzzer beater at the last second to win the game. The whole team mobbed him and soon as he hit the shot. CJ Mccolum did his part and chipped in 28 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists.

“Damian Lillard is the most underrated player in the league”, said Mutaz Hamad, sophmore at E.L. Haynes. ” In my opinion he is the 3rd best point guard in the NBA.

During this series Damian Lillard has been averaging 33 points per game. Last year when they lost in the first round he only averged 22 points per game and he was not gonna repeat the same stat line this year and he made sure he and his team did not go home early this year. When he was asked during a interview he said that he told his brother he can’t make his games back home because he’ll be too busy in the playoffs. In addition to his stellar play CJ Mccollum has been playing stellar basketball this series. he is averging 25 points per game, 9 rebounds and 8 assists. Him and Damian Lillard have been the highest scoring backcourt duo so far in these playoffs.

“the Trailblazers were not gonna lose this year,”, said Brian Ochoa, Freshman at E.L. Haynes. ” They had a chip on there shoulders from last year.”

After this series they will wait to find out who they play on tuesday after the Denver Nuggets and the San Antonio Spurs game.   The Spurs and Nuggets play game 7 on thursday night . In that series Nikola Jokic has been averaging 30 points, 8 assists and 12 rebounds. For the Portland Trailblazers to win they need to step up on the glass and need to be able to grab more rebounds. During their series with the Oklahoma City Thunder they were out rebounded by 8 rebounds per game. If they are to beat the number one ranked Nuggets they need to improve and play much harder then they did vs the Thunder.

“They won the game but all the games were tight”, said Omar, freshman at E.L. Haynes ” the Nuggets good but I think Damian Lillard and the blazers better”.

The Second Round begins on tuesday and will end three weeks later if seven games are needed.