My Predictions for Riverdale’s season finale

Kevon Johnson, Entertainment Writer

So far this year, Riverdale has changed from the other two seasons, becoming more suspenseful and odd. Couples who you thought were endgame drifted apart from each other due to manipulation, lies, drama, breakup, cults, mystery, drugs, and seizures. While the writing became more predictable, this season has been suspenseful, violent, and outrageous, but less realistic.

The third season of Riverdale focuses on three plotlines.

The Gargoyle King who lures kids into playing the Gryphons and Gargoyles roleplay game which forces the players to perform odd tasks. This haunting, towering figure haunted Riverdale’s parents in their childhoods and is now haunting their kids.

The Farm is a cult that takes advantage of the townies emotional distress. The leaders of the farm typically focus on those who have lost a loved one or who needs comfort and support. They use these weaknesses to brainwash the townies. The polyamorous relationship between the head of the Farm Edgar Evernever, Evelyn Evernever, Alice Cooper. Evelyn has revealed herself to be Edgar Evernever’s daughter but she is in fact his wife. Evelyn is in charge of recruiting high schoolers.

And “Jingle Jangle” is an addictive drug that started on the SouthSide has now been distributed throughout the entire town.

“I really loved this season of Riverdale the writers took it to a whole different level than I expected. I just want to see more teengange things something we could relate to,” said Bethlehem Wondmu, Freshmen at E.L. Haynes

In the last episodes leading up to the season finale, the Black Hood makes his return to Riverdale. Everyone thought that the Black Hood, previously known as Hal Cooper, was killed in the car accident during his transport to Hiram’s prison. Betty was unsettled and turned to Dr. Curdle Jr who confirmed Hal’s death. In the season finale, we learn that Hal is indeed alive. The Black Hood showed up to prom and lured Betty using the Gargoyle King as a cover up. Frightened, Betty ran to the farm for protection which turned out to the be the wrong decision. Betty’s suspicion grew more and more as she spent more time on the farm. She began to uncover alarming details about the farm and even found proof to show Kevin, Fangs, and Cheryl. Although Betty was worried about the Black Hood, she never gave up on uncovering the identity of the Gargoyle King. Betty and Jughead soon realize that Jason Blossom might be the Gargoyle King.

“The last episode was really really good I was sister shook. Cheryl could’ve escaped but instead she stayed and let Toni run she had 5 seconds to go out the window but she did not. I really wish Kevin and Fang were not brainwashed by the farm it was so easy for Toni & Cheryl to snap out of it,” said Maria Rivera Freshmen at E.L. Haynes

My predictions for the finale tonight is that we will finally find out who the Gargoyle King is I think it is Dr. Curdler Jr the reason why I said that because he cuts opens bodies and The Gargoyle King carves on bodies and just his energy and the way he walks gives me bad vibes We will also know why the black hood returned and is Jason really alive. Also everybody who worked in the farm will be arrested and Jughead is at Pop’s writing his story.

“I think that Jason will make a return for Riverdale and everything will be explained about the video of him getting killed by his father and why he left Cheryl and Polly,” said Rubi Crespo- Leon, a freshmen at EL Haynes.

In a few minutes us Riverdale fans will find out everything. 

Signing off -Kevon J.