All American Season 1 Overview


Ray Mickshaw/The CW

All American -- "Pilot"-- Image Number: ALA101c_1441rd.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Taye Diggs as Billy Baker and Daniel Ezra as Spencer James -- Photo: Ray Mickshaw/The CW -- © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Maclovia Velasquez, Haynes News Writer

All American is a new show that just got added on Netflix in March. The show is about Spencer, a teen’s life and everything he goes through to get to his dream which is to play in the NFL and be able to give his mom everything she wants and needs. All American is the best show I have ever watched. It has made me laugh, cry, mad, and everything in between. Be warned – spoilers ahead!

Daniel Ezra plays Spencer, the main character of All American, and he is one of the best actors I have seen so far. He makes the best out of every episode even in the saddest moments which seem so real. Ezra stayed in his character the whole time which made it even better.

All American deals with real issues, including single parenthood, death, and betrayal. During Season 1, one of Spencer major upsetting moments was him wanting a father figure but not being able to have it because of his father walking out his life for the pettiest reason: his wife (Spencer’s mother, Grace) having an affair with with one of his friends. This caused him to miss out on his son’s childhood and his teenage years.

In the series premiere, where Spencer life takes a turn over is when Spencer got scouted to play football for Beverly Hills. This meant Spencer would have to leave Crenshaw and go live with the Beverly Hills coach, Billy (Taye Diggs), meaning he would have to leave his best friends, little brother and his mother in Crenshaw. Crenshaw isn’t a safe place, there’s many problems going on, there’s many gangs and many shootings.

The hardest moment Spencer went through during the series was losing his best friend. Soon enough one of his best friends, Sean, gets killed. They grew up together, did everything together, Sean took care of Spencer in the hood so nobody would mess with him because Spencer was a “special” one and that he was going to make it out Crenshaw. Those were the saddest moments that stood out in Season 1. There’s also been many surprising moments but one stood out to me: when we found out that Billy was the man having an affair with Grace, and everyone at Beverly Hills believed Billy to be Spencer’s father.

My favorite part was when Spencer found out the love of his life, was his teammate’s (Asher, played by Cody Christian) ex-girlfriend, Leila (Greta Onieogou). Leila was his happiness, she helped him since the beginning they saw each other eye to eye. Leila became Spencer’s go-to person and after all the time they spent with each other they ended up falling in love.  

After everything Spencer been through he got what he always wanted, winning the state championship where he played against his old school Crenshaw which made it so hard for him to play but he ended up putting his heart out on the field. While Spencer was playing, he saw his father which made it more intense for him because he wanted to show his father what he missed out on, what a great football player his son came out to be. All American has been one of the best shows in netflix.