Texas Police Officer Shot and Killed A Woman Who Said She Was Pregnant Before She Died.


Yajairi Aguilera, News Writer

A police officer who had worked for 11 years has shot a woman repeatedly named “Pamela Shantay Turner” and seems like she screamed before that happen, that she’s pregnant.  But according to the police officer Turner. Police Lt said she was not pregnant.

The police officer was just patrolling around the apartment around Houston suburb of Baytown late Monday night, later on when he saw a women he knew from previous times, Baytown police said.

The police officer knew the 45- year old women had many problems that was issued by the judge or magistrate, so he has decided to arrest her that moment, police said.

“I’ve witnessed a police officer wasn’t doing his job correctly. It was this one time when I was walking home, and there was this girl missing, and the police officers mistaken me as that girl. They was literally close to handcuffing me, and started asking me questions “What’s my name?” and I told him my actual name but they didn’t believe me till I took out some papers with my name on it from school. After they saw it, they apologized by grabbing the wrong person” Mandy Diaz, a sophmore in El Haynes.

For evidence, there was a video taken while all of that was happened, we have many witnesses.

Many people in the world are experiencing situations like this with police officers, being accused for something they haven’t done or especially being used by a weapon for not having a good reason to.

If the lady was ill, why kill her? when you could’ve helped her? there were many things to do instead of using violence.

“ I believe that police officers should start doing their job as in they’re supposed to, because some or more are showing very well that this world we’re living in? is not safe at all, & we can’t even trust the ones who are supposed to “ protect us “ . – Anonymous.

It’s not only happening around Texas, but around the world. We have to make a stop to it.