James Charles and Tati Westbrook lead to online reactions


Mandy Diaz

On April 22 during Coachella the 19 year old beauty guru James Charles was involved in a social media feud with Tati Westbrook another beauty guru also a very close friend of Charles. It all started when Mr. Charles posted a video for Sugar Bear Hair, a brand of gummy vitamins on Instagram. The products posted in the video are competitor of Tati Westbrook’s supplements. On May 10, Westbrook posted a 18-minute video of her speaking on how she felt betrayed by Charles and even accused him of using his fame to make straight men gay. (It has since been deleted.)

On an Instagram post Westbrook said, “ I feel  lost and betrayed by an unnamed person.” She was speaking how she felt about what Charles had done.

On May 10, Charles posted a video of him titled “Sister” speaking on the feud that had started because of a product. He claims that he posted the product because in the Coachella event James had VIP not artist tickets which meant that he didn’t have no security. Charles made a deal with the Sugar Bear hair and started the feud.

Charles and Westbrook had been friends for years to the point where Westbrook became basically Charles step mom. Westbrook had felt betrayed because she had always been supportive to Charles decision, also help him get to where he is now but Charles did not do anything in return he just ruined the friendship.

James charles apologized to Westbrook and also wrote “She has been like a mother to me since my first days in this industry and has given me more love, support, resources and advice than I could ever ask for.”

James Charles lost many followers before he posted a video on Youtube showing that Tati Westbrook was lying. He went from having 16 million subscribers to 13.8 million subscribers while Westbrook’s subscribers went up (after he published his Sister video he gained his subscribers back) . Charles cancelled a tour that he was going to have with Westbrook, and also a show in the Auditorium Theatre in New York on June 28.

Mayra Hernandez, a freshman at E.L. Haynes and a fan of James Charles said, “I still support James Charles because he showed proof that he was telling the truth and Tati was making up lies so people can support her but there in my opinion there was no point of the feud because James was telling the truth.”