Fortnite vs Apex Legends

Fortnite vs Apex Legends


Since Fortnite became a worldwide sensation in 2017, a number of competitors have introduced new battle royale online games. Apex Legends became the most widely played game at the beginning of 2019. However, Fortnite is a more skill based game because of building, unlike Apex where all you do is aim and shoot, but there is some skill in discovering each character’s individual strengths and abilities.
Fortnite a game that originally came out in 2017 by Epic Games. Having two different game modes save the world, and battle royale. Save the world is a co-op third person shooter survival video game according to wikipedia. Unlike the battle royale mode you can play in solo, duo, or squad and put in to a server with usually 100 players you are put in on a map that is pretty large and you or your team has to be the last team standing.

Fortnite is a game that has has two different game modes save the world, and battle royale. Save the world has zombie like monsters with missions, in other words it’s just a campaign that you can play with a squad. In the battle royale mode you are put in a one hundred player lobby and in order to win you have to be the last team standing, your enemy being everyone else on the map.

What makes this game really good is the fact they add new guns on a regular basis, how ever Epic Games doesn’t always make the best decisions like most recently they decided to vault the most used gun in the game, the pump shotgun by doing this many people weren’t happy but Epic added a new gun being the combat shotgun, which in my opinion isn’t as good as it could be.

Another way Epic keeps their players playing there game is by doing one or more events every season, starting with the first event being the rocket event, where a rocket came out the side of a mountain in a secret base and started teleporting all around the map leaving a crack in the sky and all this was able to be done within an actual game, they have done many events sum including a concert with Marshmello a very popular dj that has never shown his face in public.

Apex works the same way but is a first person shooter and was recently released on February of 2019 by Respawn Entertainment. This game is the same way with the player having a large map and you have a storm pushing everyone to the a certain point on the map and with the same goal having to be the last team standing.

The only differences in between the games are Apex only has trios there is no solos or duos, also there are basically pay to win items in Apex like the different champions you can get in that have different powers unlike in fornite where there is skins but they don’t change the way you play, and the most major difference is that Fortnite is third person and Apex Legends is in first person.

Apex is a game that only has only one game mode and that is squads, you have to work as a team, there isn’t any solos or duos you have to learn by fighting other squads which either leads to a 1 vs 3 or a full 3 vs 3 if you have friends to play with or a good random squad but there isn’t any real way to practice, or learn how to use the Legends in the game.

In order to win you have to be the last team standing just like any other battle royale. This  game is very easy to learn because you have to learn how to use the legends and have up to three different legends you have to know how to use because there are three players in the squad that choose and they could possibly choose the one you wanted so you would have to know how to use 3 legends and once you have that set all you have to do is aim with guns.

The different guns are able to get different attachments such as scopes and add ons that make the gun shoot faster and also there is one that does more headshot damage. This game is really fun to play but there isn’t much skill in the game itself other then being good  with a specific legend.

Both of these games hold tournaments, Fortnite has held a lot more also seeing on how the game has been out longer, Fortnite is holding and international tournament where a lucky solo and duo will win $3 million. This is bringing in lots of pro players and also unknown players that people don’t know about, and just for qualifying you are given money so the farther you place the better but most of the people who qualify have been given at least $1 thousand. Apex has held tournaments but none of them has been as big as the one thats being held now by fortnite.

Apex has been losing lots of players since its release it seems like it was only a popular game in its release as of now there is alot less players playing the game. In its first month the games release they had 50 million players, and people are losing interest in the game, according to twitch one of the biggest streaming platforms has said lots of apex streamers such as Shroud a very popular streamer who has high views lost about 50 thousand viewers that went back to watching other popular games such as Fortnite, or League of Legends.

If you want an amazing game to play with no violence for kids meaning that there is no blood. It also has been described as an addicting game, that has alot of game modes such as 50 v 50, sniper shoot out, one shot, etc the point is if you want a game that has many game modes that is always fixing issues, and needs skill to play this is the game for you.