An Overview on All American


Ray Mickshaw/The CW

All American -- "Pilot"-- Image Number: ALA101c_1441rd.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Taye Diggs as Billy Baker and Daniel Ezra as Spencer James -- Photo: Ray Mickshaw/The CW -- © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Jaiya Smith, Features editor

Spencer James a High School students who attends Crenshaw High School. Spencer was recruited to Beverly Hills high school to play football

All American was based on a true story.

The creator should make a season 2 because season 1 was the best and it caught everyone attention

Yajairi said- ‘I think they should make a season 2, because I believe it has catched my attention, and I would like to see much more episodes that is new, and to continue being a good show that’ll leave many people including me with so much Question .”

Brayan said-  “i think they should make a season 2 because he wants to see Spencer, Olivia and Leila in a relationship together.”

Mandy said-  “i think they should make a season 2 of all american because they left us confused and its alot of questions need to be answer”

Zuleyka said- I think they should have a season two because there was a lot of family drama.

Ariel said- Iwas left with a lot of confusion and need to know what’s the end result

I think All American is the best show that’s out right now and they need to make  a season 2

This quote is told from the coach to the star player Spencer James because Spencer didn’t come to practice because he was helping his best friend Coup from joining a gang. Why does Coup want to join a gang? You have to watch to find out for yourself. Spencer was supposed to get interview but since he missed practice like I already told you he got a bad review from the reporter for not showing up to practice. So the coach and a Spencer got into an argument then the coach said that Spencer doesn’t need to carry the burden of his hood on his shoulders anymore. That will cause Spencer less things to worry about.

Makya said-  All American is such a great show ! I’m more than sure it’s the best one I’ve ever seen. It shows people a lot of things that maybe can’t be shown or told out loud sometimes. This show influenced me or in courage me to do better and work harder for things that I love and to not worry about others before myself. I really hope there will be a season 2 and many many more I love this show it helped me a lot and I hope I can get more seasons to help me out some more ! ALL AMERICAN NEEDS A SEASON 2 OR ELSE IT LEAVES US ON A CLIFF THAT WE WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND

A lot Adult said this about All American  –

 I can’t personally relate, but it’s something I have seen a few times growing up.  I see where people talk negative about this show and I totally disagree. This show shows the truth…many people don’t want to see things for what they really are and hide behind the topic instead of facing it head on.  I can’t wait for Nov. 28th and beyond for more episodes. very good show with a pretty dang good cast…one of my new favorite shows!