The effect of the Abortion Law

The effect of the Abortion Law

Kevon Johnson, Entertainment Writer

Nine states have passed laws down to forbid abortions.

On May 14 it became public that eight states have passed the abortion law to forbid women to have abortion. In the 9 states Utah, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi, Ohio, Alabama, Louisiana. The governors have chose to make this who made. This affected decision that affects women who are not allowed to have abortions.

2 weeks ago, Gov. John Bel Edwards passed the Louisiana “heartbeat” bill that no woman can have an abortion after six weeks in Louisiana, even in the case of rape or incest. The vote on this bill was 79-23 according to NBC News report.

“I think that there’s mixed emotions about it because there’s 2 perspectives: One, that abortion kills a baby, a human inside growing and how could you have the heart to do that. But then there’s two, you could have been raped and the child could have been unwanted and they shouldn’t have to carry that and have a child. I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion buh personally whatever you go through,  I think the baby shouldn’t pay for any of that and should not die because at the end of the day whatever happened. So with that being said the laws are 50/50 for some people and I believe people should do what they believe is right for them.” said Mayra Hernandez, Freshmen at E.L. Haynes

Governor. Kay Ivey signed the Alabama Heartbeat bill, which states that any doctor who performed on any Woman who is getting an abortion could face up to 99 years

These decisions challenge the Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade. On January 22, 1973 Roe vs Wade is a decision that the U.S. Supreme Court made to legalized abortion. According to the Court, the Fourteenth Amendment protects the right to have privacy, which also applies to abortion.

“I think women should have control over their bodies because they may not be ready to be a mother and accidents happen. The state officials need to focus on more important thing other such as gun control and not violating the Declaration of Independence.” said Maria Rivera-Perez, Freshmen at E.L. Haynes

Netflix is the only company that has stated that if the law go in effect they’ll rethink their decision on investing in Georgia in January 2020 Netflix have Netflix Originals shows that have a production in the state Georgia such as Stranger Things, Ozark, and Insatiable.

Many celebrities are not hold their tongue and stating their opinion about the new abortion law that have been in installed in 9 states now.

The CEO of Disney Robert Iger says It’ll be very hard to continue filming in Georgia if the Georgia Anti- Abortion bill takes in effect.

Now let’s see if other companies will stop filming in the states that have passed the Abortion Law.

Signing off- Kevon Johnson