The Amazon Forest is on Fire: Hello!


Linda Hernandez, Photographer/Op-Ed Writer

Did you hear about the Amazon Forest being on fire?  Well if not search it up because it’s serious and no one is talking about it. It’s in South America. This is important because people who are near that fire are affected, including us, and around the world. “The number of fires in Brazil this year is the highest on record since 2013 and up by eighty-five percent from last year alone. About eight thousand fires in the country have been detected by Brazil’s space research center.” According to ( 


I just learned how if the fire isn’t done spreading by the time teens, like me, are sixty we could possibly die. According to (CNN). It’s burning per minute and it’s almost the size of a football field. Also I learned how the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro is doing nothing about it, he is just like Trump, because he doesn’t care about what’s happening and he’s just letting it burn down. They just burned the forest on purpose, that’s like twenty percent of the oxygen in South America. The President burned on purpose because apparently there’s gold under the forest. The President is also blaming it on the Native Americans or the people the Environmentalists. I just love how some people weren’t talking about this issue, but they were talking about the Los Angeles fire or the Shooting in Texas, yes they’re also serious but this is too it can actually kill us because won’t have any oxygen. It’s been on fire for almost three weeks straight. It’s hurting the animal species that live there. Also people around the globe are protesting to stop the fires. The fire was often to clear out the lands, farms, and ranches. The temperature increasing means that weather events will happen like major droughts. In my opinion this fire is very important because it’s spreading even more and it can get worse if they don’t try to stop it. It’s gonna be hard to end the fire since it spreads per minute. Also, the trees are dying every time the fire spreads because of deforestation which is already happening. I hate to see the Amazon Rain forest burn down especially since I haven’t seen it before, and before it was being burned I heard it was beautiful.

I see it as if all of the forest burns, the whole world will die, that’s slightly true if by the time we are sixty.