Ariana Grande files lawsuit against Forever 21.


Daysia Cork, Pop Culture Writer

Ariana Grande is suing forever 21 because the fashion retailer made people believe  Ariana endorsed its brand by posting photos of her on its social media accounts and using models who look similar to her. The lawsuit was filed Monday September 2nd in federal district court in Los Angeles. 

This mostly revolves around what Ariana wore in her  “7 Rings” video. The lawsuit takes issue with posts from Forever 21’s instagram account that includes models that look like her with dark brown hair into a slicked back high ponytail. In one post on Forever 21’s instagram account, the model was wearing a hair piece with two pink puff balls. They even captioned it with a lyric from her song. In another post the model wore camouflage capris and pink stilettos, which is what Ariana wore in her video. “The resemblance is uncanny and Forever 21’s intent was clear: to suggest to the viewing public that Ms. Grande endorsed Forever 21, it’s products, and was affiliated with Forever 21” the lawsuit said.  

After Ariana had that hit song “Thank U,  Next”, Forever 21 wanted an endorsement deal with her centered on social media. Her representatives considered the deal but declined because they were not willing to pay her enough. So, Forever 21 started posting pictures on social media of models copying her style after she said no to the agreement was wrong.

 In February, after the release of the “Thank U, Next” album, Ariana noticed the images and contacted her lawyers to get them taken down because they were unauthorized. The company said they are a supporter of Ariana and worked with her before. Ariana’s lawsuit claim is  a violation of her right of publicity and identity. It’s also false copyright infringement. The lawsuit asks for ten million dollars in damages.