Are They Here by Choice or Stuck Out of Convenience?

Roy Keen, Haynes News Writer

Do the students of E.L. Haynes, really want to be here?  The short answer is a toss up: maybe if Crowder like eSports there would be clearer answers here.

The practice of asking people their thoughts or feelings on things, or topics, is different than asking them their personal opinion on why they stay places. Fast answers are the best answers or, on the longer side, the strong, expensive cologne (your cheap scent on an oily body as well, that even in the wind makes your nose hairs yell a little), can provide a lasting imprint.  

Back to the original point: What are their opinions on this magnificent place of cheers and weave dye in your hair that we call our institution of learning and what keeps you here?. Also, what and why do we do this, and who’s really here for the games and the jokes and who wants an education? At least it sounds better than saying, “No one cares to be here and everyone’s lazy.” 

Let’s start with the bad just to get it out of the way. The bad is just a fancy way of saying people don’t like being treated like children. The non stop idea of the student body being treated like a childhood playhouse, an elementary school that decided, “Lets build this up and make this a little bigger.  Will an inch work?” Also, this school has no real auditorium, so the bleachers are a stadium and use the track as everything else is what has become of the place students once wanted to call their home away from home. Now, half-day Fridays are gone! On top of that Mrs. 44 gave them some pretty bad lunch, but the phone box and seating arrangements and all the “security theater” is keeping them safer, than an arm less baby trying to fight Mike Tyson, with Crowder hair for hands. 

Now the good can be summarized as a great community who regularly, jokes and plays and helps everyone out in times, however, they will certainly light that person ablaze but it’s all good in the loony bin, at the same time, this school has some good admin members except when they start yelling, I mean twin jet engines might yell loud, but when that thing happens, this was an assembly and a marching band with the bass boosted, like XXXTentacion videos.  But they listen to your problems, they care, all teachers do, which you can respect.        

So why dear author, would you take us through the long game. Simple they needed something to do, something to talk about something to complain about. In the end they all have to be here but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to praise it; they can all complain and they all usually do. Why, because it makes their long days a little shorter.