Youth Murders in DMV on the Rise

Youth Murders in DMV on the Rise

Yancy Gomez, Photographer/Op-Ed Writer

When you hear on the news, “3 year old girl was found dead “ in your mind you get this thought like wow .. someone actually has the heart to do this to a baby? Three year old, Anniebelle Marsh was found unconscious in her home in Southeast, DC on March 15th , 2019 , at 12:47 am. Anniebelle was found in critical condition when police arrived to the scene, later passed at the hospital.

Annibelle suffered a case of blunt force trauma, a little Three old baby girl was found in her home suffering from the pain of what someone so cruel did to her. She was a three year old baby who didn’t know how to defend herself she did not know what was going on, she could not defend herself in what was happening . 

I feel as though that this is a very serious topic to talk about because there are various little kids/ teenagers who have died in 2019. There have been multiple homicides on kids in 2019.  I believe that this is crazy because kids are kids, they are innocent, they are somebody’s kids and for them to be getting killed is so horrible.

Seventeen year old Ahkii Washington was fatally shot in his apartment home in Northeast, Washington DC. He and his father were found fatally shot in their apartment, leaving a mother and sister behind hurting over this tragedy. Ahkii’s younger sister stayed strong for him and his father. A couple of days before Ahkii was found dead he wrote a poem about how in DC there is just so much hate and to see the age of twenty is a blessing. He and his father were found unconscious and not breathing before being pronounced dead. What happened to the seventeen year old and his father proved exactly what Ahkii’s poem was about; he did not get to see the age of twenty.

Ahkii played football for Dunbar Senior High School. After he passed, his teammates dedicated a game to him and won. Ahkii Washington’s sister was very proud, despite the pain she was going through she had a smile on her face from the win the Dunbar football team members dedicated to her brother. One of his team mates repped his jersey number twenty-six, while hurting over his friend’s death, he managed to stay calm and did his best to win that game, “We did it for you Ahkii “ said the team as they won.

Being from a district full of hate is really hard. People will hate on you for any little thing that you do better than them. Washington, DC has had 117 homicides in only this year, people are scared to live in DC and at this point someone is being killed everyday. It’s not only happening in DC, but in the whole DMV area.

Things have to change in the district; people don’t feel safe. People can’t step out their house after 9 pm because they are scared that something will happen to them and this is out of hand. 

It is not fair for a mother and a daughter/sister who had to suffer the death of a son /brother and father / husband. This is unfair in so many ways, many people were hurt by the double homicide that occurred and nothing can be done to switch that around and that is not okay. The district needs to step their game up and end this violence once and for all families can not keep being broken and damaged due to people who do not want to do better for the community.