The High Possibility Of Poisoned Water For Our School & District

Alexander Pike, Editor In Chief


The Department Of Energy & Environment stated in 2010 that Centers For Disease Control (CDC) published a study that confirmed that lead within our pipes was present. Which is a risk to lead exposure through tap water. But not just our homes, but in our schools. 


The Department Of Energy & Environment believes it is very difficult to “predict” where the contamination is located. Since this discovery Washington Metropolitan Water and Sewer service has been replacing these pipes with copper ones instead. Many other organizations such as DC Water Is Life, has mentioned that “your water meets Federal requirements.” But what are these requirements? And how high are it’s expectations? 


The Federal government pursued an act that resulted in the change in lead pipes to copper pipes that were only connected to government facilities along with streets. They also proposed to change some of the pipes connecting to people’s homes. Under a certain condition that the house owner can pay them to change it. Which unfortunately many people during that time were unable to do so. Be advised the house change was only to the outside house pipes, not the inside.

But currently a significant population in DC still has lead pipes within their homes and aren’t even aware of it. Now these were major expenses for the government to change all pipes in the city. 


The next issue was school piping, which was mandatory for the change according to the federal government. However, to this day it’s still uncertain if the entire pipe line in every school within DC was changed. In order to check if our pipes were replaced, the DC water service provides the pipe line map on their website. The following link is below. 


On school grounds it shows that only half of the schools pipes were changed. The other half which includes the school building is said to have no information. Concluding that the DC water service had not changed the piping on school grounds. Considering the circumstances, that our students drink from water faucets and use it for other purposes. This is a health concern for our school and the district, which includes the families of North West DC.