Foods That Make Me Go Hmmm

Daysia Cork, Pop Culture Writer

I love eating food, but there are only two types of foods that I eat. The main type of food I eat is soul food. Soul food is a variety cuisine originating in the southeastern part of the United States within African American culture. The other type of food I eat is Italian food.  I only eat these types of foods because this is what I have come to know by eating them consistently. I would choose soul food over any other type of food on any day. 


         A typical soul food meal would consist of the following: fried chicken, collard greens, macaroni cheese, and cornbread with sweet potato pie as dessert. That is one of my favorite meals! This is my favorite meal because it’s nothing that I am new to and I already know what it is and tastes like. I do not like trying new things; I eat what I am used to eating. I don’t like trying new things because I don’t want to taste anything nasty and I just can’t eat random foods I’ve never heard of. 


        I would eat soul food over any other food because the main dishes I like fall within that type of cuisine. I like fried chicken, ribs, steaks, hamburgers, mashed potatoes,beans, rice, green beans, corn, etc. I also like these foods because I know how they’re made and what they consist of. Eating soul food is what I grew up on. That’s why I would prefer to eat soul food over any other kind of food because I am familiar with the taste.


The only other type of food I eat is Italian food. The only Italian food I eat is pizza and pasta. I eat those foods every now and then. I like those kinds of foods, but I would get tired of them real fast, especially pasta. The only pasta I eat is spaghetti. Any other pasta to me is nasty. I like pizza the most because it has cheese and bread and I eat those lot. My favorite topping to eat on my pizza is pepperoni, which is also an Italian food. I eat other toppings on my pizza such as sausage, chicken, and pineapple. 


   Overall, I like these foods because that’s what i was raised eating and it’s the best kind of food to me.