Trump Impeachment

With everyone knowing President Trump and his activities, it would appear that there’s a lot of trust issues internationally as well as within the White House and its officials. The declaration of Impeachment started in september. There have only been two other Impeachments throughout the United States history. According to the checks and balances, Congress has the power to Impeach, but the question remains if the two thirds vote needed will actually cast their votes to get rid of Trump. Two of the Democrats even switched sides (CNN.) 


Within the executive branch, many people involved with affairs and back line events have been fired. Resulting in some people hoping that they share information to gain a clear insight of the situation. Even though evidence of President Trump doing wrong is present, everyone who documented such events were fired. This is a reflection of President Trump’s non-reliability. This also is a reason the Judicial Branch cannot support the legislative process. But moreover it’s not just because the evidence is not documented, but because the Supreme Court makes its decisions upon previous cases that are closely related, or if the constitution is at question. Neither apply toward the Impeachment of President Trump.


However, it could be said that President Trump has been violating laws passed by congress, and the constitution as a base line. If a lead was present, one of the Executive cabinets could get involved in order to begin an investigation. This cabinet is the FBI; if they found any evidence such that defies the constitution itself, President Trump could be held accountable in the Supreme Court, but the framers intentions originally looked at the Executive branch being equal to its counterparts. Currently the citizens of the United States look at the President as somewhat much more powerful than any other government agency. Which, in the long run gives the President more power. So the question remains of how the Checks and Balances will come into play, in order to fix the equality of power throughout the government.