Jose Garcia’s Future View

Hello future self, knowing ourselves very well you know 16 year old me cannot really imagine what we are 5 years or 10 or 15 years from now. You know I don’t know what the future holds for us, it’s something I cannot know, only God holds what is in store for us. But let me tell you the dreams we imagined since I have the oldest memories of what we wanted to be, if you understand what I mean. Let’s start with elementary school, I am still thinking of what I wanted to be back then but I bet it was always that cliche, I want to be president dream, I don’t know if we are the president of the U.S. right now. Only you do, but one thing, if you are president, ask to build a time machine at Area 51 and go back to May of 2019 and fix that mistake we made, please. I cannot share what we did because they are listening to us. I’m kidding but you know how to fix that please and thanks. Anyways our dream of being a future president of the United States could still come true if we put the effort, one thing I am completely sure of is that we will be way more mature and more responsible of our work and dreams. Right now, if we are being completely true with each other, we are lazy and not motivated. And I’m glad if you, right now are reflecting on your current situation and realizing that we have made a great step to success. I honestly do not know any advice I can give you because I know that you are way much smarter than 16 year old me. We know that you are a wise man. And since right now it is 3:50 pm and I have overcome the 300 to 500 word count for this letter, I just want to thank you/congratulate you for staying true to the narrow road of salvation, for being a great figure in our country and possibly the world, for having children/ a wife. I’m just happy we are alive. I want to say, keep your head up and don’t let others hate you.