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February 7, 2020

      Me To Me


Dear, Future Self


How are you doing? I hope you have been doing good. Life has not been a straight line. There have been bumps and curves but don’t take your eyes off the prize. I hope to see you pushing out of your boundaries and accomplishing many goals. You have lived in D.C. for years and the influence around you has not always been the best. You have not been the best kid but you always were fair and never looked down on someone. You never let someone bring you down. This is why I hope to see you grow to be a strong independent man helping others and bringing joy to people. You should never let others who want to bring you down distract you from the bigger picture. I want to see you start a business of many options. Clothes, shoes, or even tech. There are many people out there that will want to work with you. I would like to see you always keeping in touch with the people that got you there. Always keep in touch with mom, dad, friends, etc. You should never forget what gave you that push in life. You should always keep trying to make your business better and better. It will take time to get into your prime but once you’re there I know you will do great things. It’s easy to feel negative that’s why you need to try extra hard to make your life positive. You have the power to do what you wish you just need to motivate yourself and the people around you to push you a little further. I wish you the best. It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you don’t stop. The secret of getting ahead is to get started!


                                                                                                    Sincerely, You

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