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Wife gets murdered in church by pastor husband, then kills himself after.

In Mombasa Kenya, a man by the name of Elijah Misiko, an assistant pastor at the Ground for God’s Gospel Church fatally stabbed his Wife while the main pastor Ann Mughoi was speaking. There were many eyewitnesses in the scene. One of the Mombasa police stated Julius Kiragu, “‘He walked up to his wife while the church was praying as if he wanted to whisper something to her, Then he took one of the knives and stabbed hers (wife) two times. He believed she was dead. He then stabbed himself three times in the stomach and slit his throat.’” This all occurred while the congregation watched. Eventually others tried to intervene to stop the attack but by the time they did it was too late. Both of the suspects died. The couple had been arguing about ownership and leadership of the church for months before the killing. In 2017, Misiko was detained after the wife reported to the police that Misiko was planning to kill her. Misiko was then released the next day after the accusations were said to be false. Misiko and his wife had four children, but they didn’t live together after the problems began in 2017.  Kiragu told CNN that, “She had been trying to stay away from the husband since the dispute over the ownership of the church began,” “They had even reported the matter to church leaders but they were unable to resolve the dispute.” The marriage lasted 20 years before this incident occurred. The police later revealed that Misiko left a 17 page suicide note. In the letter Misiko mostly spoke on the infidelity that occurred by his wife and portrayed her as controlling. He felt as though she was just seeking to be in charge of the family property. Misiko then goes on to say that his wife took everything they accumulated over the past 19 years. That’s when he couldn’t take it no matter and took actions into his own hands.