Alexis’s Future View

Dear Future Self

What is up, how’s life going? Is everything good? Did you graduate college? If you did, how’s your career going? Do you like the consignment shop? Is it good to enjoy it everyday? Hopefully you make it to the riches like you always wanted to since the age of 16 are you there yet brother? You always wanted to be successful are you successful now? Now that you are 36 years old keep doing what you were doing originally. Keep being a hard working good person that helps others and keep on being generous don’t be selfish. Keep working to be great stay true to yourself. Still do the same thing you were doing years ago except better. Is life good in the year that you are currently in is it treating you right? It is better than what it was in 2019. How did life get better over the years in what ways do you think it benefited you and improved a lot? Do you enjoy the outcomes of decisions you made? Sorry about all the questions man i just want you to answer these in the future so i can know how everything turned out for you plus why wouldn’t i ask this it’s good to know then you can just think about yourself currently at the age of 26 then the age of 16 when i’m writing this 2020 you can make a comparison and see how you have gotten better. Hopefully there is a future because right now there is many things going on like there was World war 3 rumors and the virus going on you gonna remember when you read this hopefully in the future the time you are in it is gone all the bad stuff like no wars or anything just peace but who knows let’s just hope it’s not any of that stuff. But yeah 36 year old me hopefully life is fine and you are doing great and your consignment shop takes off and you become rich as hell.