Why Not Shorter Days?

Karen Vasquez

I believe that school days at E.L.Haynes should be shortened. We spend seven hours at schools but if you come before school or stay after school that would be more hours spent at school. I believe that we need more time after school therefore school days should be shortened. 

A lot of people don’t do after school activities like sports, clubs, work, or other things because they won’t have time to do everything that they need to. For example, they think that if they do become involved in an after school activity, they won’t have time to finish all their homework without going to sleep late. Especially when students have projects to complete. They might spend more time on completing the project over a period of time. Also if they have a test to study they might fear that they won’t have enough time to study so they won’t do an after school activity. The more homework students get less time of sleep they will have to sleep. Which will affect their work and focus in school the next day. 

 Also we have seven periods each day, some kids get impatient and can’t sit through all that time. They start to play around and start getting distracted because they can’t wait to leave school. Which can cause their grades to drop. I think that if school days were shorter more kids would come to school. Some kids have places that they want to go to after school or hang out with friends, and since we get out of school later than other schools. So they say that they just won’t come to school so that they have the whole day to do whatever they want. 

Therefore in my opinion we should end school at a shorter time, so that we have time after school to do whatever we want. Like doing homework, going places, or doing different activities. School should end at 3:00 and the seven periods a day should be split into different days, like block schedule.