Letter To Myself

Daysia Cork

   Dear Future Self,


You will be very successful in the future. You will be a boss. You say this because of how you are now, you will also be in the future. Things will go your way even though you like to work on your own time and be in control and feel like your decisions are best, there is a lot for you to learn on your journey. 

By the time you read this you should have already finished culinary arts school. You should be working in some high class restaurant in Chicago. You want to be a chef because you  want to know how to cook well. You also really love food. You know men want a woman that can cook and you also heard food is the way to a man’s heart. That’s why one day when you settle down with a man you want to keep him satisfied with my good meals, that way he will never go anywhere ‘cause not all women cook. So you want to be a chef to cook for your man and just to say you know how to cook. 

You are working toward your goal, which is having your own restaurant. You should be planning or already started making or designing your ideas. Your project should come together as you plan. Everything should fall into place. Things should be going your way. 

I hope you get everything you want. I hope you got your big house in the suburbs, I hope you have your family living out there with you, I hope you are able to provide for them, and help them. 

I want you to be so successful and live in a better area because if you were to start your  own family you would want my children to be born into a wealthy family and have everything. You  want this because you know you didn’t have everything coming up and you didn’t live in the best place. You  want to put my family in a good environment meaning nonviolence, no harassment, a place where people aren’t just hanging in front of a gas station. You just don’t want them to grow up around the same things you did. 

Overall you just want to be very successful in life

Sincerely~ Daysia