Letter to my Future Self

Cecilia Sosa

Dear Self,

You are now thirty-five years old. Twenty years have passed since I wrote this letter for you. Here’s what I would think you have accomplished within these twenty years. There is a lot I will expect from you when you are this age.


I know you have graduated from Haynes, class of 2022. You have received a scholarship to attend one of your top college choices. You attended Georgetown University. You have majored in business administration and management. Spend two to four years studying for it so that you can fulfill your dream of opening your own bar with your mom. 


Within those years in college, you work a part time. You’ve managed to save enough money to apply for your own apartment. You found a nice one bedroom in a nice Northwest, DC neighborhood. It fits your budget perfectly.


Your credit is good and you work to get your own car. Mom helps you with getting your car since she works at a dealership. You got your dream car, a white 1970 Chevy Camaro SS.


You get to show off your new ride to your close people. Everyone around you supports you and is happy you are getting what you’ve always wanted. That is exactly what you need in life, no negativity.


Your next few years in college pass, it’s graduation day. You did it. You completed college with your dream major. Your family and friends are beyond proud of you. First generation graduate. Life couldn’t be any better for you.


After college, you and mom begin to look for the perfect spot to open your own sports bar. Adams Morgan was a place we would really like, it’s where all the footwork is. You two see it, the perfect corner space, it’s then yours. 


It gets decorated exactly as you and mom have planned it all those years. Life is perfect. By this time, you are in your thirties. Life went perfectly planned, and it was great.