School Violence

Darlyn Lazo Reyes, Haynes News

School Violence

How can teachers warn students about “school violence”? 

What should students do if they’re caught up in school violence?


Students shouldn’t be so afraid to stand up to a bully, especially if they’re already going through a rough patch. Bullies don’t get nothing out of bullying other students. Except hurting them verbally and physically. Not only will a student feel bad but they’re going to experience different feelings and their not going to know what to do with all of that pressure that they feel.


 As part of Haynes news we’re to let students and teachers know about the danger of “school violence”


For starters, everyone has been through something tough but it doesn’t mean you can’t get out of it. As part of Haynes, we in the role that we chose to take, we have a face but behind every face there must be a story. Something we’re afraid to tell others is who we truly are and what has happened in our past. Students don’t ever be afraid to stand up to someone just because someone is bigger or better than you. You come to school to get an education. Your parents are your protectors but once you set one foot out of your house, your parents won’t be there to protect. It would be your turn to fight your battles.


This also goes to teachers, not only do students get bullied but teachers may experience some type of bullying. We all have secrets but we don’t show that. Students and teachers both basically have the same job. To come to school everyday and get something out of school. But with “school violence” in the air it can be a struggle. You may get forced to do something, something you don’t want to do but it doesn’t mean that you should let bullies depend on what you choose to do. It’s also your choice if you let bullies depend on what you choose to do.


Lastly, a bully is like an obstacle. An obstacle you must learn to overcome and be resilient. Resilience is the key to set you free from people like that. You never have to say that getting bullied is your fault because it’s not stand up for yourself and as part of Haynes news we are here to inform you over anything dealing with Haynes.