Life without diseases

Karen Vasquez

Any type of person can catch a disease. It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you’re from or how healthy people may think that they are. A lot of people nowadays from all different ages die because of diseases. But if disease didn’t exist then a lot of people that have died from diseases would be alive. Without diseases the world would be better because people wouldn’t be dying from diseases, people wouldn’t have to stress over it, and people would spend less money on medical things. 

There would be a rise in population because people would have longer lives. Obviously people won’t live forever so it wouldn’t be over crowded, but they would die from being too old, accidents, or other things like that. We would die from natural disasters or man-made ones. I’m not saying that these are good ways to die. I’m just saying that this way people might have more of a peaceful death, than suffering from diseases from a long period of time.

When people find out that they have some type of illness or disease or anything of that sort they stress over it. They think about what they can do to reduce it or stop it from spreading. They think about if the diseases will take their lives away. They worry about having to take their medicine at the right time and going to the doctors. So if diseases did not exist people would be less stressed which is a good thing because people will feel healthier. 

Also people would even save some money because they wouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on hospitals or medicine. Don’t worry there will still be doctors and hospitals for other things like when you break a part of your body or something like that. But less money will be spent on those things which means they can have more money for other useful things. 

I’m just saying that if diseases did not exist then it would have a positive impact on the world. More people would be alive, people would be less stressed, and spend less money on medical things.