Think Of Us Teens

Cristian De La Rosa

All generations are different and unique in their own way, with the generation comes more ongoing or new problems. I can’t speak on behalf of the generations before me but I can speak on mine. Currently there is a crisis going on, the pandemic of the virus named Covid-19 is spreading. This virus is one of the worst in history and might even be worse than any viruses to come in future generations. This is affecting teens all over the world and causing them to act differently.  Given the opportunity to help shape the world that will come after me, I have some recommendations to give. First I would recommend 

In life everyone is a teen, but once people get older they tend to realize that the decisions you make in that period of time are not the greatest. What I would recommend is not to judge these mistakes as heavily as people tend to do. It is a scientific fact that the human brain does not fully develop until the age of 25, so mistakes are bound to happen. This is why I believe during this pandemic it would make more sense for teens to be more naive and likely to catch the virus since they are prone to making the wrong decisions. Even if they do make these wrong decisions they shouldn’t be blamed as harshly as adults that also make reckless decisions like going to parties, beaches, etc.

Many people dont undertstand teenegers which makes no sense to me for the fact that everyone was a teen at one point. People think because we are young we don’t have problems like actually paying bills and living as an adult, and that is understandable. But teens also go through many things that are serious and can cause life changing trauma just like for adults. People feel as though that we have it the best but every generation always develops and gets better than the one before on certain issues. I don’t think generations before me have missed this mark. I think it is the way of life, people get older they realize what they did in the past wasn’t the best and they move on from it.