I don’t think anything needs to be invented. I feel like things are good right now, just stay home simple as that. But if i had to invent something i would invent like some sort of robot that can take care of the people in hospitals. The robots wouldn’t be there 24/7 but what i mean they can serve a sick patient food when they want it basically just take care of them because right now there isn’t a vaccine so there really isn’t anything we can do but hope their immune system can fight off the virus maybe give them some type of medicine. But this invention would make things a lot easier because doctors and nurses would be able to take breaks and also it would benefit them because it’s less of a chance they can get the virus themselves because there have been a few doctors and nurses that end up getting the virus because they were with an infected patient. What it would take to build the robot is metal material to make arms of some type of wheel. Buy the materials it would need to program it and make it work the way that it’s supposed to work to serve sick patients. I would hire a team to make a lot of robots in some warehouse then they would be transported to hospitals all over the world to help doctors and sick patients. Yes i feel like i should make money off of this invention because i am spending all the money to make the robots i feel like i need to make some sort of profit or im finna go broke. But if i make a lot of the money back what i would do is send some to coronavirus foundations to help those people in need out i would send to charities all of those good stuff. I feel like if an invention helps people you should get money because you also need to help yourself and your family out.