Life Before Social Media

Cecilia Sosa, Writer

The world now runs on social media. This is how news gets around more than an actual newspaper. This is how people meet other people. This is where everyone shares their opinions whether others like it or not. If social media was to not exist anymore, everyone’s social skills with other people were to improve. People would be able to actually talk and understand when someone is talking to them face to face. Not have their heads on their phones worrying about what someone had to eat this morning.

Knowing how many of these young people are oddly obsessed with social media. They act as if it’s taken away their life will have no purpose. That is very unhealthy for someone. This is a problem that makes people believe in a fantasy rather than the real world. People need to know what’s going on around them in the real world. Not many people nowadays know people for who they are but how they present themselves on social media. 

Without social media, kids will now be able to have in-person conversations. Conversations in person will make people’s communication skills better. Instead of looking at a screen trying to figure someone out, you see them face to face. You can see people’s facial expressions and understand someone better.

Social media affects people of all ages. There are kids as young as 5 with phones in this generation. These younger kids have accounts on socials such as Instagram and Snapchat. Kids have now learned what social media is and get obsessed. Before social media, kids at this age would play with toys or in playgrounds with other kids. 

The world before social media was a healthier and a more lively place. Everywhere you would see, people won’t be stuck to their phones. People will actually be looking up and seeing their surroundings. 

Since social media is the main way people meet new people, without it people won’t know as many people. Only people around them will know them because it’s the only way they would know each other. 

I asked my twenty-five year old aunt how she lived before social media and she said, “Life was great and fun.” She added that her life before socials were fun as a child. She would spend more time playing with actual toys and other things that could keep her entertained.

I don’t think it’s impossible for people to not use social media anymore. If people in the early 2000s could do it, then this generation can too. It would be a very healthy for us to do.