10th Grade National History Day Projects!

10th Grade National History Day Projects!

Demi Tate, News Writer

Our 10th graders are currently working on their National History Day project. National History Day is a day where students participate in a national competition that asks them to conduct original research on a particular aspect of history. Each competition year, students across the country are provided a theme to explore. This year, National History Day organizers have asked students to choose a topic that explores the theme of encounter, exploration, and exchange. Students have the choice to express their work in the form of a poster, documentary, a website, or a play. Also, they can work in a group or conduct their research as an individual.

Monday, I interviewed some students asking them about their topics and how they will win it! Do you think you will win?


What’s your topic?

Tyree Wilson: “Spies During the Revolution.”

Kevon Jay, Chidi Aninta, and Demarco Smith: “The Dodge Brothers.”

Jose: “The New York Stock Market Crash.”

Jennifer Martinez and Gianna Price: “Harriet Tubman.”

Kyree Williams: “Lewis Latimer. He was a famous African American inventor”

Esteban Espinosa: “How was the Internet Invented?”

Demi Tate: “Those are all really interesting ideas. I chose to research The Pop Art Exchange”

Why did you choose this topic?

Kevon Jay, Chidi Aninta, and Demarco Smith: “It’s interesting and we wanted to learn more about cars. Horace Elgin Dodge and John Francis Dodge founded the Dodge car company in 1900 but we wanted to learn more about the impact the company has had on America and how many jobs it has created.

Jose: “I picked this topic because I knew it had to do something with the World Wars but I wanted to learn more about it.”

Jennifer Martinez and Gianna Price: “We chose it because we were learning about slavery in US History and we wanted to understand the impact that she had in the anti-slavery movement.”

Demi Tate: “You all have really interesting reasons for researching your projects. Pop art is something I haven’t learned about. Pop art is short for art of popular culture. I know that it was popular in the 1950s which was a time of US conservatism and it was also popular in the 1960s but I wanted to understand the influence it has had on wider culture.”

Do you think you will win the competition? Why?

Kevon Jay, Chidi Aninta, and Demarco Smith: “We could have a shot at winning if we improve our organization. We’ve chosen a topic that is unique and that will interest a lot of students so I think the judges will also be drawn to the uniqueness of the topic we chose.”

Jennifer Martinez and Gianna Price: “Yeah. I think we might win because we are connecting what we are learning in class to the competition. If there are judges from Haynes at the competition they might appreciate that.”

Kyree Williams: “I’m not that interested in winning but I’m really interested in the topic I chose. I don’t expect to win because I am not the best speaker but we will see.”

Esteban Espinosa: “Yeah, I totally think I can win! I am working really hard and the deadlines that Ms. Sosey put in her room are helpful because they let me know what I have to do by when.”


Clearly, students are excited about their NHD research. NHD presentations will be held March 3rd at Haynes in the school gymnasium. Winners of this competition will move on to compete in the DC school-wide competition.