Civil Rights Trip – Update #1


Diante McGriff, Pop Culture Writer

From May 23-27, a group of Haynes students and teachers are traveling through the South to learn more about the Civil Right Movement. We feature here some reactions and reflections from Haynes students.

As we get closer to wrapping up day 1 of  the Civil Rights Trip, some memorable moments of the day were visiting the International Civil Rights Museum in Greensboro, North Carolina and visiting North Carolina A&T.

As a group we had the chance to discuss the trials and tribulations of the black community and how they overcame those obstacles in a fight towards desegregation.  The museum’s vision is to memorialize the courageous stand of the Greensboro Four as they launched the sit-in movement. They were just four college Freshman who radically made change.

During the tour of the museum we got a chance to reflect on how the pictures of violence and isolating treatment against blacks made us feel; responses from peers included “uncomfortable,” “enraged,” “speechless,” and “disappointed.”  The museum houses the original Woolworth lunch counter and has an interactive exhibit that walks you through the progress after the sit-ins towards fighting unfair oppression.

Towards the end of the tour the last exhibit we saw was a collage of black activists who have left a legacy, but the exhibit was unfinished.  This was purposeful to remind all us all how capable we are to make a change by engaging in modern day activism.

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