Civil Rights Trip – Update #2


Demi Tate, News Editor

From May 23-27, a group of Haynes students and teachers are traveling through the South to learn more about the Civil Right Movement. We feature here some reactions and reflections from Haynes students.
Today was our day in Atlanta, Georgia. As you all may know, Dr. Martin Luther King was born and raised here. Our very first stop of the day we visited The King Center and The National Historic Site of MLK. At these sites, we gained knowledge of King’s childhood on Auburn Avenue. We came to the conclusion that at a young age, King was influenced by his parents, the community, and his church. Also, we visited Ebeneezer Baptist Church in which King shaped his ideology and thoughts. Then, around that area we saw the Kings’ burial. This was an important highlight of the day because some of us didn’t know that him and his wife were buried at the same sight. Our visit to Freedom Hall consisted of beautiful art work, King’s influence by Ghandi, and Rosa Parks.
“Struggle is a never ending process.  Freedom is never really won, you earn it and win it in every generation.”  Mrs. Coretta Scott King
Later in the day, we toured Spelman College, Clark University, and Morehouse College. We were lucky to have some students help us out during the tour connected by Dr. Curtis and a friend of Ms. Brumsted. Our students learned that these schools have connections to each other. If you decide to attend, you can take a class at either college as long as it isn’t your major. Towards the end of the tour, the Omega’s did a little step performance that wowed our students.
Lastly, we visited the Center for Human and Civil Rights which focused on civil rights around the world. An exhibit that everyone seemed to enjoy was the sit-in counter. We got to experience how it would be if we were apart of the non-violent direct action using headphones. The center had a large exhibit featuring the March on Washington which tied close to our roots in D.C.
This evening we had a big family dinner at Paschal’s, a historic restaurant in downtown Atlanta.  Paschal’s became the meeting place for some of the most notable civil rights leaders, entertainers, politicians, and business people.
We want to give a special thanks to Ms. Olutosin for showing us around her hometown today! We’re excited to see what the next day brings!