Letter To Myself

Daysia Cork

February 10, 2020

   Dear Future Self,   You will be very successful in the future. You will be a boss. You say this because of how you are now, you will also be in the future. Things will go your way even though you like to work...

Why Not Shorter Days?

Karen Vasquez

February 10, 2020

I believe that school days at E.L.Haynes should be shortened. We spend seven hours at schools but if you come before school or stay after school that would be more hours spent at school. I believe that we need more time after sc...

Corona Virus

February 7, 2020

The Corona Virus isn’t as bad as you think   The Corona virus is spreading around the world but it is not a virus that will kill immediately it's like the flu it could kill but mostly the weak like the elderly and pe...

Trump Impeachment

November 5, 2019

With everyone knowing President Trump and his activities, it would appear that there's a lot of trust issues internationally as well as within the White House and its officials. The declaration of Impeachment started in septe...

Is Student Government Association Ready For Change?

Alexander Pike, Editor In Chief

September 10, 2019

E.L. Haynes’ (SGA) Student Government Association has been inactive ever since the leave of the former students running this after school activity. Within school halls their board has held nothing but it’s title. As a result, ...