2017-2018 Staff

carla questions

pop clutre

What was your best memory at E.L. Haynes? My best memory was we a had assembly and we had a lots of shout out and it was really fun to see shouting out each other. Are you going to another school if so, which one ? I ...

Daniela Ladino

Haynes News Writer

I am Daniela Ladino and I'm in 10th grade. The section i write in the paper is sports and i am also the photo editor. I will be writing about the sports that go on in our school and will be taking a lot of pictures of the games.

Stephanie Mejia

Pop Culture Writer

My name is Stephanie Mejia I am a senior at Haynes. I am the editor of Pop Culture. I will be writing about music, shows, and having a section in which it focuses on Latina woman. I will also be helping out the other writers who...

Evelyn Hernandez

Haynes News Writer

I am Evelyn Hernandez and I am in 10th grade and they should get excited to read my stories because they'll get informed with whats going on around the school

Vicky Nkop

News Writer and Web Manager

My name Is Vicky Nkop I am a 9th grader at E.L Haynes High School. I love to write stories about events and put things together such as videos or slideshows. My work is very important to me and I believe it's what I'm worth.

Danielle Anani

Haynes News Writer

My name is Danielle Anani, I am a senior at Hanyes. I believe that people should get excited to read my stories because I am a really good writer.

Zymiah Prue-Prentisss

Haynes News Writer

I am Zymiah in the 9th grade, you should be excited to see a lot of inserting facts and news

Diego Flores

Sports Writer

My name is Diego Flores and I'm in the 10th grade. I write for the sports sections and I cover stories both in the U.S and abroad. Readers should be excited to read my articles because I can give you information on stories that...

Mitchell Battle

Pop Culture Writer

I am Mitchell Battle I am in 10th Grade You should read my stuff because i'm that letter after A that ends with itch

Heyabe Abebe


My name is Heyabe I am in the 11th grade. Readers should get excited to read my stories because I offer a interesting sight in news going on in the world right now.

William Cortez, Jr

Pop Culture Writer

My names is William Cortez. I am in the 9th grade. And I write for pop culture . Readers should get excited to read my stories because my stories are fun to read and they are informational. This is because I want E.L Haynes. students...

Emely Claros

Haynes News Writer

My name is Emely Claros. I am in the 12th grade. You should read my stories because i will be covering stories on school events and peoples opinions on thing so that everyone is heard.

Steven Alvarez

Sports Writer

I am Steven Alvarez and I am in the 10th grade. People as reader should get exited to read my story because as a sports writer I will bring the most recent and interesting news.

Kevin Ford

Haynes News Writer

"Glocka Glocka Get the packs out the gym" Hello Haynes! My name is Kevin and I'm a writer for Haynes News. My job is get stories or get any important event that happens in the school. I will work to try give the best content t...

Kani Green

News Editor

I am Kani Green a sophomore at E.L.Haynes. I'm the News editor for The Lion's Roar. You should be excited for my articles because I make sure to provide topical and accurate info as quickly as the info comes out.

Destiny Myers

Haynes News Writer

My name is Destiny Myers. I am in 10th grade. People get excited to read my article because I give details and give them juicy stories.