William Cortez, Jr
My names is William Cortez. I am in the 9th grade. And I write for pop culture . Readers should get excited to read my stories because my stories are fun to read and they are informational. This is because I want E.L Haynes. students and the community to know whats going on in their school and in the world.

William Cortez, Jr, Pop Culture Writer

Jun 03, 2018
What is TPS, and How Is It Affecting People? (Story)
May 18, 2018
Shadow of The Tomb Raider (Story)
Apr 20, 2018
The Crew 2 (Story)
Mar 16, 2018
Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 (Story)
Mar 02, 2018
Need For Speed PayBack (Story)
Feb 23, 2018
Red Dead Redemption 2 (Story)
Feb 21, 2018
How to be Responsible? (Story)
Feb 09, 2018
Fortnite, Battle Royale (Story)
Jan 28, 2018
The Doomsday Heist, Grand Theft Auto 5 Online. (Story)
Jan 11, 2018
The 2017 Solar Eclipse, A Once In A Life Time Experience. (Story)
Dec 30, 2017
Should The Lion’s Roar have different language written articles? (Story)
Dec 30, 2017
Call Of Duty: WWII (Story)
Nov 17, 2017
Assassin’s Creed Origins (Story)
Nov 03, 2017
Destiny 2 (Story)
Oct 02, 2017
Journalist teacher Mr. Pepper had an unknown career before teaching. (Story)
Sep 22, 2017
Deadly Earthquake Hits Mexico (Story)